Is hand coded PHP the best method here

Hi, I posted this question on the CMS board as well, but am wondering if this might not be a better place for it.

I have a site that will need 5 or more gallery pages, that will probably have subcategories within them. The client will want to be able to edit all images and all content himself within an admin section. I’d like to be able to use jquery scripts such as Galleryview for most of this.

I’m fairly new to php, but believe I could probably do this, though it may take a lot of time and hard work for me. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t use something with a pre-built CMS such as WordPress and Drupal though. I have some experience working within Drupal (mostly updating a pre-existing site) and very little with WordPress.

To give an idea of my PHP experience, I have couple of created an admin pages that allowed the user to change events on a calender and some content on the index page, but nothing to this scale.

Which route does everyone think is the least problematic? Drupal, WordPress, Hand coding?

I would go wordpress. One of the things wordpress really has nailed is an extremely nice administration panel that makes it easy to use for clients with no web experience. There are an absolute ton of gallery plugins for wordpress, and a plugin for just about anything else you would need to do. On top of that creating themes for it isn’t extremely difficult.

Edit: I’d like to throw in, I have next to no experience with Drupal, so I’m not sure how it handles things like these though I’m sure it’s easily capable of a website like what you’re describing.

Drupal can handle it, but it’s overkill for your needs.

If you’re just looking strictly image gallery, then you may not even need a CMS. A simple image gallery might be something for you to consider - there are quite a few really nice ones out there.

Well, I would need some kind of admin for the client to edit text and images. That’s the whole reason I was considering Drupal or WordPress as opposed to hand coded php.