Is Google taking publishers less serious now

Trying to log onto my account today, I didn’t know whether google just wanted me to update my personal account info or that they “require” google+ upgrade now to even enter your own account.

Obviously what they’ve done is further bury the adense/analytics behind “data tools” > dashboard. Leaning towards more complicatedness, and adding an unclear step. Now the adsense, analytics, webmaster tools are among a list where you have to pick them out instead of conventiantly hit the prior graphic, which was a nice setup, but is gone.

Leads me to believe they taking adsense publishers less serious now.

Please reread the thread, Technobear, which I just revised after discovering the new adsense & dashboard “new location”. Sorry for the confusion.

Off Topic:

I’ve removed my reply, since you changed the question. :slight_smile:

Google has always not taken the little guy seriously. When I say “little guy” I’m referring to those not making 100k+ with just adsense.

It would always take weeks for me to get a response from them when contacting their analytics team or adwords team. Their support is horrible.