Is Google bonkers?

I had an email from Google this morning with the subject New Page indexing issues detected for one of my sites.

Given my site has been successfully indexed for over 10 years I opened the email to see what could possibly have gone wrong. To my surprise, I see it says,

Top issues - Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag

How does it get to be an “indexing issue” when the website owner has deliberately instructed Google et al NOT to index a page?

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I had the same mail, some while back now.

In my case I had actually excluded a bunch of stuff I hadn’t meant to while messing around with my robots.txt and was happy to have been alerted to the issue.

So to answer the question:

They’re all bonkers, apart from you and me Squire!

Just don’t forget to keep on smiling :slight_smile:


and that’s the exact reason right there. It’s better to have notified the user and they not be interested in it because “duh, i know”, than not notify the user and have to deal with “WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME” support emails.

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