Is Google AdWords campaign affect on my site rank?

Hello guyz, I’m noor. I want to create a campaign on Google AdWord. Is it rank me on Google after expired my campaign ? Can it’s give me any profit after expired my campaign ?

Welcome to the forums, @shaadamin44.

Your AdWords campaign will have no direct affect on SEO or your organic ranking. However, it’s possible it may have an indirect effect, if more people come to know about your site and choose to link to it. This is probably more likely for a new, relatively unknown site than a long-established one.

Like TechnoBar said, I had an adwords campaign for a website. Later I saw that there were a lot of people who came to the site directly and registered. When I asked them how they heard about it the said they saw the ad in google. So a lot of people don’t click on ads but after they see them they research in google about your site and then you get more organic traffic.

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