Is funny how i get more visitor by trade banner with others then when i pay for it

The other day i noticed something crazy that i get more traffic from website that i trade banner with couple days ago. and the funny things i never get that much when i pay for it.:lol:

It really comes down to what “type” of traffic you are receiving. If you’re just selling advertisements and links, then any traffic is fine. However if you’re trying to convert your traffic into buyers then PPC, PPV, & media buys is the way to go.

Not all traffic is equal. I rather have 40 visitors that buy a $40 product then 400 visitors that give me a few cents in Adsense.


My question is why people pay per clicks and pay per views when they could follow that method instead to save money.

That sounds reasonable. The banners you are trading are probably more relevant sites than the ones you are buying on. If the sites you are buying banner space on were as relevant as the ones you are trading with they’d probably offer a trade rather than expecting you to pay for it because then they’d get lots of visitors in return.