Is directory submission still effective for seo?

Hi , I want to make my website popular , recently i heard that directory submission is best way to make popular . so Please suggest me directory submission is still an effective way to promote or not ? If not suggest me the best strategy to make my website popular.

[font=verdana]Directory submission does pretty much nothing for SEO – the only exception to this is DMoz. Why? Because Google knows that it is very easy for webmasters to submit their sites to every directory under the sun, so having links from all those directories means nothing about their sites’ popularity or quality. DMoz, on the other hand, strictly regulates its entries, so only worthwhile sites will be listed there.

For general hints on SEO, please read the SEO FAQ or use the [url=]Search facility to find past discussions.

If, after reading those, you’ve still got any specific questions that haven’t been answered, please do come back and start a new thread. In the meantime, I’m closing this one.[/font]