Is CSS stoping this display in IE?

I know it’s a Dreamweaver .dwt file but it looks fine in Firefox and toast in IE7. Further, when I use it as a template in Dreamweaver I lose my sidebars, although I think the reference to the style.css file is correct because I can see the results in Firefox.

Any help is appreciated.

Can you not post the dreamweaver template code? I don’t have that on my machine :).

If you have link then post it, if not, the nprovide full HTML/CSS :slight_smile:

Thanks Ryan:

If you click on this link in Firefox, all appears well.

Not so in IE7.

I ran this through and it gave me a whole bunch of errors that makes it point to the style.css file. I wonder if Firefox supplies these internally in their browser?

The style.css file path is

I’m not quite sure what you mean? Do you meean, I wonder if Firefox has a validator iwthin their browser? If so, then yes, it’s an addon (HTML Validator is the name. I don’t know if it includes CSS)