Is Content King? Early Website Release

Have you released a site before your design is finished?

They say content is king. I have all my content ready and good to go, but I have been slacking on my design and I’m not sure when it will be 100% ready ( I have a tendency to spending too much time trying to perfect design).

So I guess I’d like to ask, if you have all your content, but your design isn’t complete, would you consider releasing the content and implementing your final design later?

I am using Wordpress so I’m thinking I’ll just implement a basic theme with my current content until my design is finished. I’d like to build up my presence on the web (SEO) as soon as I can which is my main thought behind this process.

What do you think?

It is recommended that when the design and content is ready then only launch the site. You will also launch it when your site is not in good design, because content plays an important role in the site health. So for caching of your content you will launch it earlier.

[FONT=Verdana]I would definitely publish the site straight away. Even if you want to wait tuntil the design is finalised before having a big launch, it gives it a chance to start making friends with Googlebot so that it will appear in the search results more quickly. And let’s be honest, if the design looks OK then most people aren’t going to think anything’s wrong, even if you know that it isn’t quite finished.

It might also give you more incentive to finish the design, if you know that people are looking at something imperfect with your name on![/FONT]

After the Panda updated Google more conscious about website content so, if you want to improve your website then improve your website content or whenever want to use content, write fresh and informative content. Always remember the keyword density in content

Content isn’t everything but a good 80% of success- if its quite good, people will share your content for you.

That is, if your definition of content includes the design of your site/blog (this leaves a huge impression as well). Page speed as well.

You can make your site live, even if the designs are not complete. After making site live you can work on your design part later also. It will never affect your site.

Excellent, thanks for your reply. I feel much better with a reply from someone with a badge so thanks.
I’ll use a basic theme for now until the design is finished. Although it should give me incentive, I’m a bit scared that I’ll get lazy!