Is Changing Your Blog Template Affects Your PR?


I am planning to change the template of my blog. The blog is currently PR4 and I wanted to change its template because I have found something better and simple.

So my question is if I am going to change the template does my PR4 will be affected for the next PR update?

No, your PR won’t be affected. PR has nothing to do with your own site, in short it’s about how many and who links to your site. PR is one of about 200 variables Google uses to determine the search results for any given search phrase. One ore more of those variables might be affected when changing templates.

The only thing I’d add to c2uk is that you should ensure your URLs remain the same. If you have external link to individeual posts, you’ll want to keep those so once you’ve installed the theme, make sure that your permalink settings are the same.

I haven’t seen a single CMS where a change of themes effect the permalink settings, though I have probably only used a tiny fraction of the CMSs out there.

However, I can see now how what I wrote could be misleading as PR has something to do with your site, as it’s not how many and who link to your site, but how many and who link to a particular URL within your site * - and if you change that URL you’ve got to do a 301 redirect in order to not get effected.

  • this would also include your own site and how your internal site structure is set up, and a theme change might change for example whether or not you link to certain sections of your site on the front page.

if you change template , nothing affected for your PR:):):). welcome “new Template”, hehehehe

It wont effect your homesite PR, but I did have experience that when I’m changing my template some of my internal page went down in PR. Its probbaly have to do with internal linking from the theme, I can’t be sure though

One thing, if the theme is simpler like you said it might help your SERP which is more important.

it will not affect your blog pr.
as long as you like it, you can kave a change.

I don’t think pr has anything to do with your blog template. It will remain the same

I think it will affect your PR, because internal linking is affected.

There is no part of changing anything within the web page that has any affect on the links to the page (unless you change the actual content of the page in which case some of the existing links to the page might disappear if the site linking to you considers that link to be no longer relevant).

let’s do it , and i’m sure your page rank normal and get many visitors:):):slight_smile:

Yes, If your blog/forum template does lots of Internal Link building, then it Does!

Template change doesn’t matter with your pagerank. Change it safely. But do remember to make a back up of your “page element”. You need to insert all directory codes, backlinks codes again on your new template.

if you do change it you may want to consider adding links strip to each blog page to allow you to exchange links with others or assist in getting any new pages to you site indexed. This is of course if you do not already have one. Good luck.


Thanks a lot for your useful and informative replies. Now I don’t have to worry about my PR when I change my template. I will do the necessary back-ups before proceeding to my plan.

I always knew that I will get a lot of help from you guys!

Thanks again :wink:

PR is all about links to your blog or blog pages. So unless those links will change or be deleted then changing themes won’t affect your PR.

thats good news for me.
I was planning to change the theme of my blog, but was afraid that my PR will be affected

Changing template will never affect your blog ranking, You don’t need to worry about this. Go ahead and proceed.

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The one thing I always wonder is why people worry about their PageRank, you should worry about your [URL=“”]SERP position. PageRank is only one variable that determines your position on SERPs, and only on Google.

No it will not effect PR of your blog until and unless you change content of your blog