Is changing site code means loosing its google pagerank?

I want redesign my site totally. Now it’s built in xhtml + css.
My site should change quite often (news, events) but right now I don’t have time to change the code manually. That’s why I want to implement cms (wordpress or drupal).

My question is if that kind of changing site code may cause loosing its page google pagerank (now it’s pr 4). How should I implement this?
The site is Warszawa Powiśle

Obviously thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Well you may not loose your PR at all if you use simple tricks -
Generate a list of all links of your current website. Here is one free tool that may be helpful -

Try taking backup of each link on page by page basis to be on safer side.

After implementing the new site, depending on your CMS used, create the corresponding sections to your cusrrent website sections.

Then use a URL redirect program and hardcode the urls of your old website to redirect permanent (301) to corresponding new section.

If you are familiar with wordpress, Drupal or Joomla then I hope its easy to understand. But if you have not really worked on it before then first try your hands on the chosen CMS for a few days on a dummy site/localhost before you implement them on live site.

Hope this helps

BTW if its a personal site your best choice would be Wordpress. Easy to use and maintain.

How would redesigning your site change your pagerank? I guess I dont understand?

He is talking about changing site structure, means the site URLs wont be same as they are now. Meaning the page rank he has now for those links will be lost.

Since PR is assigned to pages based on the incoming links to that page changing the address of the page will lose (not loose) the PR for the new page since it doesn’t have any PR to start with. The quickest way to rectify this is to set up a permanent redirect from the old address to the new so that all links to the old page are redirected to the new address. Google will then transfer the PR across from the old address to the new. It may not show for several months in the public PR figures since while Google are constantly updating PR they only publish the values for people outside Google to see every few months.

Thanks ryogi.
There’ll be also change in code (html forced by new cms) and obviously in content.
And yes, I think I will use wordpress :slight_smile:

I think that just about summed it up and clarified my thinking on this situation.

I have made the sitemap using that tool but what should I do next with that?

If you have uploaded it to your site then that’s all you need to do. The search engines will read that file to find all of your pages that you don’t have linked to the rest of your site.

Felgall, thanks for your answer.
But if I change my current xhtml and css site to wordpress site I will have my new sitemap.xml file in my root directory. How should I put that old one on a server (it’s the same name)?

Each site is in a separate folder on the server. The sitemap.xml file goes in the same folder as the site.

Thanks felgall for you patience in this almost Christmas time :wink:
What I mean is:

  1. I have a html and css site
  2. I change it in wordpress site
  3. Domain is the same.
  4. In wordpress I generate new sitemap.
    What about old one or the one generated by ?

You only need the one sitemap.xml per folder. If the site is in wordpress then the Google sitemap plugin will keep the sitemap.xml file updated automatically.

i don’t have much idea on it but i think it won’t affect your ranking

you’re too small to worry about your SERPS being blasted away with a redesign. What you need to focus on right now is conversion rates, not traffic numbers.

Google pagerank of any site depends on the quality and number of backlinks to its pages.

It has nothing to do with site redesign or how good or bad the site performs.


It has nothing to do with site redesign


Did you read the thread?

As others have already mentioned, changing the urls of existing pages will, of course, impact the pages’ current PR.

Thing to consider is, whether the change is in URL or in file type.

  1. Its possible if the type of file is changing e.g changing your site’s page from .htm to .php or so then you will loose rank.

  2. And if your URLs changes, you can save your page rank by creating 301 redirects to prevent the 404 http not found error.

Exactly, which is what the others said.

Changing your site structure can mean losing your pages’ PR if you don’t do it properly.

Which is the opposite of what you posted originally.