Is canonicalization important?

Canonicaliztion of website means keeping WWW for website. For instance redirecting to
Is it necessary to redirect with WWW and why with SEO point of view?

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It doesn;t necessarily mean that - canonicalization means redirecting one version of the address to the other so as to have one address for the page that the search engines see.

It also affects which version of the page external links link to. If you have 10,000 incoming links and 5,000 link to and 5,000 link to then the search engines see that as 5,000 links to each page. If redirects to or vice versa then the search engine sees that as 10,000 links to the page - twice as many as if each were separate.

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It is very important meta tag and helps a lot solving duplicate content problems.

Canonicalization in SEO is very necessary. Suppose your website opens with WWW and without WWW then it means Google counts both as separate website and in this condition your all images, contents, menus, links and everything count as copied to your website.

Also it is very necessary that you create back link for website with only one address either without WWW or with WWW.