Is C# Easy To Learn?

Is C# as hard as PHP to learn or easier. Can you write software with C# alone or does it need to work with another language to create a software? Thanks.

The question you’re asking really depends on how much experience you have with other languages, and personally I consider PHP to be one of the easiest around there.

If you already know a fair amount of PHP, C++, Java or a similar syntaxed language, it’s likely that you’ll pick it up fairly quickly.

If you’re going from ASP to C# (e.g. ASP.Net) then you’ll have to go through learning about OOP techniques (Object Orientated Programming) etc. And you’ll also have to adjust to the syntax, because most of the time C# is nice and logical… and ASP/VBScript is (in my opinion) the complete opposite.

I picked up C# in about an hour (spent a lot of that time searching through the MSDN library until I got the hang of the class structure/layout), after that I wrote a quick http server in about 3 or 4 hours to get myself upto speed.

Anyway, the bottom line is if you beleave that it can offer you more than the technology you’re currently using, and you have a couple of hours spare time, then what have you got to loose… You may as well try it.

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Actually I’m new to all programing languages. Right now I’m learning PHP an SQL. I just started about a week ago.

I’ll take your word for it and wait until I finish PHP and SQL. Thanks.

I kind of wish I had learned C# before I learned PHP-- Object Oriented Programming lsays a good foundation for a programmer. The problem, however, is the learning curve with C#; it is much steeper than with PHP.

c# is a full OOP language and it is muh harder to learn PHP
it is a completly different approach to programming compared to PHP

c# is a stand alone language however you do need .net framework or mono framework for it to compile and run

if you are new to all languages than i would storngly advise you start with c# since PHP and especialy SQL are completly different and many PHP or ASP ( scripting languages) coders tend to have difficulties to truly understand the concept of OOP especially at the beginning

you picked out the easy stuff

If your just beginning and want to build easy apps, then I suggest PHP and mySQL, its just as good and php5 does support OO(although I haven’t found a great use for it). FOr small and medium sized projects, PHP in my opinion, is better than C# because being foricbly Object Oriented does slow development down some in the beginning.

PHP4 has OO, too. (Not as much as 5, but it’s there.) Haven’t found a great use? OO code is more clean, reusable, and fun. :agree:

It easier for me just to write a file like allfunctions.php and include it.

Good programming is pretty much equally hard with PHP and C#. To make a large application that functions well and can be maintained easily, you’ll have to learn an equal amount of stuff.

However, you get STARTED a lot faster with PHP, because it allows you to skip a lot of stuff and just get right into it. Some people consider that good, some people consider that bad.

becareful about the desitinction PHP is a scripting technology which can not be considered a real programming language while C# is a full programing language
write a win app in php
write a service in php
i could to go tedails as asynchronous programing advanced GDI and event direct x or sockets

yes but not for the server :slight_smile:

I used to do that. I found I needed more functions, though. I tried to make a function, but I ended up needing a ton of parameters. OOP looks a lot nicer anyway. A matter of preference I guess. I <3 my OOP. :stuck_out_tongue:

well actually not really OOP takes longer to plan and code and when you are using just a limited number of the same functions u are well off however if you come to complex designs they u need OOP whether u want to or not

a very good point…