Is both HTTP and HTTPS versions should be verified in Webmaster Tools?

I am trying to get solution of issue which i am currently facing. Lately, we have upgraded our website with SSL and redirected the entire site from http to https with all urls. The site is currently added to Google Webmaster Tools as and all the pages are indexed without using SSL. Do I just submit a updated sitemap which has the HTTPS URLs or Do I add a new site as and submit the sitemap with HTTPS urls?

You have to add the https site and then submit a new sitemap ( I’m assuming those are 301 redirects you used?

You should use Google’s “change of address” procedure:

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You are right, i will do as you said. Thank you so much for the response…

Google robot needs time to recrawl your website. i have move my website to https and i think there was 1 month to add the https website in serps.

This is probably a bit old now but it’s important you get the URL Mapping part right of the guide @TechnoBear has provided… I remember getting that badly wrong about 4 years back and completely wrecked my site :joy:

yes…it should be…www and non www versions should be verified first…that meas u will hv 4 verfications