Is "" reliable search engine?

Recently I’ve found “” on Quirk Search Status. Is it reliable?

It seems to be giving sensible results for a few queries I’ve tried, but I wouldn’t like to vouch for its accuracy or security.

(I’ve moved this thread from SEO to “Scripts and online services”, because it looks to me like you’re asking about the site as a searcher rather than trying to optimise your site for it)

I tried it a couple times, I don’t really like it’s results… I tested it using some searches I knew what i would get in return from say Google or Bing, and it was a bit off. I don’t know it’s uses in SEO or anything, but personally I would stick with something else.

I found Blekko a while ago, maybe early 2011. I thought it’s search results were quite good. None of my sites rank, but Google doesn’t rank them either. :wink:

Depends on how high your expectations of reliability are. Very often I find that Google isn’t very reliable haha.

I’ve tinkered with Blekko, but haven’t really used it like a normal surfer might. I have a feeling the only people using it are people who hang out in forums talking about search engines and not the general public.

I really quite like Blekko - it’s especially useful when used with its “slashtags” such as “chocolate cake /recipes” to make sure you get results around what you’re searching for. It’s one of the few competitors to Google that actually does something interesting and offers similarly accurate results (like DuckDuckGo as well).