Is Anyone Explain About Some Skin and Health Tips?

Hello Everyone. I always be caring about my skin and health. Every person has some different ideas and tips for health and skin. Actually I have to grow my skin and hair more effective. What I do exactly?

I imagine you’d get much better tips by asking your question on a health or beauty related forum, rather than a technical forum. Or try an internet search - I’m sure there are very many helpful articles out there, if you just look.

Hi, I can’t find health and beauty related forum here, so I choose general discussion for this.

                                                   Thank You

No, there isn’t one here. This is a technical forum, so I doubt if many people here have much expertise in skincare issues. Try an internet search for beauty forums - I’m sure you’ll find something more helpful there.

I’m afraid you missed the point. Sitepoint is primarily designed for technical discussions. Yes we have a General Discussions area that covers a variety of topics, but none of us here would likely be extremely knowledgeable or helpful in the topic of Health and Beauty Tips. Instead you may want to try any of the forums from the following Google Search: