Is an affiliate program right for my business?

I own an order fulfillment business, FillShip, that services small and medium size online retailers. Given the services we offer, is affiliate marketing a good fit for developing new business? Thanks, Ken

Having an affiliate program is like having an army of sales people that you don’t have to pay unless they send you sales.

Assuming you have enough margin to be able to give out a decent affiliate commission then I say you should definitely go for it.

Affiliate works and it is good for you. To succeed, you need first to review the program and don’t join the one that has no limit for members. One with too many members is not good.:cool:

I think you’d do well with an affiliate program, kkowal. You have decent prices, and were you to pay affiliates on a recurring basis (plus offer them solid tools and reporting) , you’d probably build up a decent size revenue stream there.

The programs I manage that offer recurring monthly fees do really well and grow pretty quickly, as long as messaging and tools are in place. If you build something solid for your affiliates, you could do really well with a program.

I think there is nothing better than an affiliate program now. What you need to do is to get the most out of a business and affiliate program really works good it in.

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What I´ve learned the last years is: Just do it!

I think affiliate ads could work for you. If you can place your ads on online stores, where you will find your target group it definitly will work.

Just contact me if you want to talk more about this.