Is adding "somewhat" related products to a website bad for branding?

We are known for Ballet Barre and Ballet products. We have slowly ventured into fitness products as well. People use our ballet barres to get into shape as well. So we added fitness products like sit up bars and pull up bars. We want to pursue that even more as it is a big market.

I am worried that by keeping it on our main website(and not making a fitness website) we are going to run into problems. We used to advertise on Adwords for these fitness products but they sold terribly. They do better on Amazon.

I am concerned they see mostly ballet products when coming to our website and simply leave. Would it be better to make a new website for the fitness products as a whole and simply mention the parent name brand?

FitnessProducts <------ brand
Powered By Main Brand Name here

At what point do you take other products to another website?

Perhaps you could categorise the website. Eg, have links on the home page to a section on Ballet Products and a section on Fitness Products.
Then each section would list the products belonging to it.
There may be some cross-over between the categories, but there is no reason in such cases that a product could not appear in both categroies.

I think you would need enough products (and sales of them) in either category to justify a site of their own.
Though I’m not sure it’s necessary to have two, unless they were vastly different products that would not sit well together.

Sites like Amazon and Ebay sell anything and everything and they don’t do badly for themselves.

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