Is Actionscript in one language?

I know this might be an ignorant question but I will ask it anyway. Is actionscript and other programming languages a universal language or only in English?

I presume we owe it to the fact that English itself is considered a Universal Language itself. Many of the popular programming languages were written by people whose mother-tongue is English.

If you want to create a programming language that has “mass” appeal, then writing it in English makes sense since most of us non-English speakers are forced to speak, read, understand, and write English, in this business anyway.

Actionscript has its own syntax, its own semantics, its own vocabulary, its own grammar, just like Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby or any other scripting/programming or markup language. They’re all languages of their own.

There also are programming languages that do not use English at all. And then there are some that use symbols exclusively.

Anyway, programming languages are not universal in the sense that you understand it. I can’t translate Actionscript syntax into German and expect it to work.

Agree with kohoutek we don’t have any alternative to English in this case.

All programming languages default to US English (in terms of spelling), it’s a simple fact as noted before that that’s what much of the world can understand. Just like the English can’t use the correct spelling of color (colour), we have to go against our better nature and develop using Americanized languages. :slight_smile: