Is a "wiki" the solution for us?

Our company has a custom CMS that we manage to run the company website. About 4-5 people manage the CMS. There are all kinds of tricks, errors and stuff that we deal with on a daily basis to run the site. We wanted to start categorizing some of this stuff and making an internal website where we can collaborate and add notes, comments, etc about the CMS.

I guess I’m looking for something like a “wiki” where we can keep track of various aspects of the CMS, write notes, hints and tips for the next person that joins our CMS team.

Does anyone have any advice on certain scripts that may be helpful for us? Mediawiki? Hopefully something free and simple. Don’t need overkill for this. Thanks.

You can try a bunch of wikis and other CMS’s at

Go there and find one you like.

mediawiki has worked great for me, in terms of group collaboration. you may also want to look at basecamp, campfire, and google docs, which are all useful in terms of group documentation and group collaboration.