Is a product page, about us page, contact page and information page a "landing page"?

Hi there,

I am trying to figure out the best way to title up some inside pages of some websites I have built.

These pages include product details, product overviews, information about areas, contact pages, and an about us page. Can I refer to these as “landing pages”? Or are landing pages more about generating leads?

Is there another title I can give them? I thought of “inside pages” but it sounds a bit dated.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Landing page usually refers to the “entry point” of your website - where the user “lands” upon first visit.

In marketting, this is often a standalone page that the user lands on when clicking a banner ad or marketting link, designed specifically to deal with that link - if youre having a sale, its a page specifically about the deals in that sale, etc.

General traffic wandering in visits a homepage, which, while technically also a landing page, is generalized, covers a lot of topics, and is trying to lead people to click other links on the page.


I see, thanks that makes sense.

I guess I could just call other pages the “inside pages”


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