Is a Pin more valuable than a like or a tweet?

I found this helpful in determining which is monetarily more valuable. My question is whether anyone here has analyzed what works best within your particular niche…and how did you determine it? Thanks!

I was actually trying to see if anyone had tracked income from various sources instead of simply SEO, since ranking doesn’t always connect directly to increased sales. I’d be interested in seeing which sources of traffic monetized the most for different genres. It’s something I find interesting, but I’m not sure many people track each as concisely as I hope. I know larger companies do, but for smaller start-ups, it might be helpful to discuss the ways people go about analyzing their income traffic to see what works well for different niches.

Pinterest has numerous features that could be highly useful for businesses to utilize. In Pinterest,a digital pin board, a place where you can collate and categorise anything visually appealing that you come across online. In this way,a pin is more valuable than others.

Mostly I guess social media is used for getting traffic and hence a higher ranking in search engines. At least my expectation for now from SM is that. Coz i’m trying to sell products like hosting and domains etc. May be some day I will get a direct sale from these media. But for now i’m only happy with the traffic it brings to my site. Its usually curios visitors looking for information in the bogs n all. But for some niches like fashion, food etc social media might get direct sales…

Just make the different that on Pin there are 70% majority that really are looking to buy or use Pin for inspiration while Facebook has just 17% rate ! Pin is very useful in my opinion.

I do actually use both platforms for my site and based on my observation I get more traffic on Twitter than Pinterest. Maybe because of my niche, which is also makes both platform different from each other.

Pinterest is equally helpful as the other social media sites. For my website i found all social networking site helpful to improve traffic.

yes, definitely. i’m also getting good backlinks from pinterest for my website <snip>

It still sounds like the verdict is out among those on this forum. It may be that it’s a newer venue for sales advertising & somewhat niche specific that there are various opinions out there…but I’ll be curious to watch this as it becomes a more commonplace area to sell.

I haven’t thought of this. I find pinterest very visual. Photos everywhere. And people are very good at putting captions or lines that describes the photo, or what the photo is talking about. I must admit that I find it more amusing and fascinating compared to twitter. I think it depends on your niche. If it requires more visuals - like images and the like, pinterest would be good.

ya… Right. Pinterest is gud for those who sell solid products of which they can click images and post it along with the articles. For someone like me who sell hosting and domain names it is not much of use.

above articles link gives you the clear pictorial about Is a Pin more valuable than a like or a tweet? because recent study shows on average, a pin generates 78 cents in sales, a value that has increased nearly 25% from their 2012 report on this u could just find why pin more valuable than a like or a tweet…?

Please note that the question is specifically about personal experience:

I use different types of social media channels and Pinterest is one of them. In my opinion, the value of the social media channel that you are using depends on your product and type of audience. Pinterest is perfect for those who are into DIY tasks as well as those looking for inspirations while Twitter and FB are great for those who value interactions with like-minded audience.

I wonder if there is a way to make sites that are not very visually attractive still interesting to those on Pinterest. For instance, domain names…or insurance. It’s been my experience that people really do read the tags under the pictures & click-through based on both the description & the photo used. I’m just thinking it could open up an entirely new audience to view products or services that they might otherwise find mundane to look into. If we can find a way to get them to the site, all we have to do is keep them there. :slight_smile:


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(I’ve never used Pinterest - but I feel I’ve missed my vocation in advertising. :lol:)[/ot]

Pinterest & facebook both worked for me in movie/entertainment & fashion/jewellery/ethnic dresses category. Pinterest is very populor among females.