Is a .com domain the best option for a social network?

Do you think, if one were to want to launch a new social network, they should choose a .com domain, or - if the .com domain they want is already taken -, can they also settle for another TLD, such as .net or .biz?

I wouldn’t think it matters, but there are so many other TLDs available now that .net or .biz sound a bit humdrum to me.

Good luck with the social network, anyhow. It will be nice to have something to replace Facebook. :slight_smile:

.com is good enough for social network it cover all over world traffic.

Since .com is the most popular and easier for web crawlers to find it would be your first and best choice. However if .com is not available, depending on the type of website should determine your next option. For example; since we are talking about a social network site, .net would be an option. If it was a non-profit or and organization site, .org, a business site .biz. What you do to drive traffic is important. It’s very important to make sure whatever suffix you use matches the content in your descriptive meta tag in the head and key words.

Why is it easier to find?

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Sorry I can’t answer that question since a member thinks I’m advertising … I guess they could answer that question for you …

I don’t understand your answer. Who thinks that you are advertising and how does you answering the question relates to the fact that a member thinks that you are advertising?

I think not only .com all the primary level domain extension is good for social networking.

Maybe your domain name can be registered, but on social networks or sites this name has a specific application and refers to a particular topic, food or …
Paying attention to this makes it easier for visitors, fans and customers to find you.

Dot com can be a better choice, if domain name exist then other tld can be use. May dot com domain is secure than other.

More secure in what way? On what are you basing that claim?

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