Is a blog important for a website?

I think blog is very very important. It can help customers update your site regularly, or you can announce something new on your site. Then, you and custoemrs will keep intouch, it increases the percent of returning your site from customers. Beside that, with the comment, you can get feedback from the users.

Another benefit is generating links from your blog. If the users read and like your blogspot, they can retweet, post on facebook, it will generate for you hundred of quality and natural links.

That’s why blog is very important, especailly for SEO

If you want to increase the number of traffic for your website, posting blog is one of the most effective ways to achieve that. Using simple, and short sentences, you can share your business updates, and spread your messages to your target online audience. The best part of blog is that you can encourage your online audience to comment on your blog post or share their feedback. Customer feedback helps!

You can choose the template which have static website in its from t and have the blog feature in it so that you can enjoy both !! in your website you can share your services and in blog you can share real time updates about your company which will bring more business to you…


I must say to write a blog about your website as Google likes blogs and this will help your website too in ranking better on search engine. However make sure that you are updating your blog regularly and sharing it with others.

Now a days blog is must for any website the reason is very common that blog is easy to update however, you can not update you website on daily basis.

You can also try useful blogging services for your website blog.

Agreed. If you’re going to use blogging just to please the search engines and not for the actual readers of your blog, you’re going to find yourself in a downward spiral. Also, just like Stevie said, there are other ways where in you can update the contents of your site other than having a blog for it. Videos and images count as well.

Think about this: can you provide GOOD interesting content? Are you willing to put in the work to do this constantly? Are you willing to manage such a project? Then yes, you need a blog. If it’s just cause you read ‘blogs are good’, don’t waste your time. If you can sustain a good content and do it frequently, if you think you can provide your readers with USEFUL information, then by all means install wordpress today :slight_smile: