Is 777 Really Needed?

I just switched to HostGator, and I love the speed of my site, but they don’t allow 777. They only allow 755. Is 777 really needed?

You shouldn’t need 777 if you log in correctly before trying to make any changes.

777 allows anyone to do anything with the content of your site without logging in first.

775 would be a reasonable compromise as allowing for more valid logins to make changes without allowing anyone to do it.

Depends on what you need to do. For a static site (just html/css etc) no, you won’t need 777. But if you are using something like a content management system, you may well need to set some folders to 777. I have to do this a lot.

i’ve been using joomla and wordpress on Bluehost for years, and when you set something to 777 on them, it defaults to 755. they seem to work fine. i guess i’m wondering what circumstance 777 would be absolutely needed

I’m going to guess that HG are running SuPHP - which means your PHP will run as your own username, which means 755 is perfectly adequate and there should never be a need for 777.

Karl, I suspect that is the case as well. To be honest, no one should ever need 777; if they do, that is either a poorly written script or a poorly configured server. 777 is just, simply put, dangerous anymore.

they are running suphp, but guess what; i was running this script called timthumb.php and it wasn’t working, so i called them and they said they had to white-list it? the script was working fine on any other server i was running. makes me wonder what else might not work until i call them.