IP's, cPanels, Nameservers?

Hi everyone,

I am new here and would like some advice. I am in the process of setting up blogging networks and I don’t want to leave a “footprint” for the search engines to see. I have been told that I need different cPanels for each group of 8-10 blogs. These blogs will not be interlinked.

My question is, will it accomplish my objective by using a hosting service that assigns unique IP’s and private nameservers for each blog site? Or do I also really need to have the varied cPanels to be safe?



I think that you are thinking way to far into the problem here. Set up a robot.txt file and disallow the /public_html or /www for each of forums that you are trying to set up. This will stop the spiders of indexing your site.

But don’t you want your blog sites to get indexed? I thought you just wanted them all to look unique to the search engines. Is this right?

Maybe he wants to do the set up process and debugging process first before he officially launches it?

Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies. I do want indexing as soon as possible. I just want to keep my sites under the radar.


Are hosting this yourself or are you going through a third party that has cPanel as their web host software?

My understanding is that can host as many sites through cPanel as you want. A third party might restrict the amount of accounts that you can host because they want to charge you more for a new hosting package. The subject of IP addresses does not play a factor in the process until you have too many visitors visiting the same address (slows down the site or locks it up). When this occurs, you might be interested in moving the site to a standalone server on a different IP address so it can have standalone resources to handle to handle the site.

The next part of the equation is that it is hard to be indexed if you do want to leave a footprint on the search engines. Two conflicting objectives.

I do run a web hosting company so if you do have any issues with cPanel, we can assist you with an alternative.

Hi, I think the most important thing you shall give consideration is the cost. Unique IPs and cPanel is might can coast you a lot.

Besides, each of your blog shall have some external links so that you can get higher PR. That will be a little time consuming. Better to have a great plan before starting out.

Wish you great success!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the advice. I am glad I joined this forum. Everyone is so willing to help out.

I am with a hosting company that will assign different IP’s with every blog. I can also set up Private nameservers. I was just concerned about having all of my hundreds of blogs on the same cPanel.

Thanks again for the help.