iPhone x vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 plus?

All three are latest but which one is better compare to other?

Better in which way?

Surely “better” depends at least in part on the features you require, your budget and your personal preferences.


Samsung Galaxy.

sorry, I like Xiaomi, take a look maybe you will laike it also=) Just an opinion

Lol. How did it get off topic so fast? Wasn’t this a comparison between Apple products? Anyways, I agree with @TechnoBear, not really enough to go on as the “best”. Though I do like the facial recognition feature on the iPhone 10. Very neat. Though when I saw a demonstration, it doesn’t seem secure enough because a girl was able to unlock the phone and then the guy demonstrating also was able to unlock the phone. No 2 person should be able to do that if the feature is based off facial recognition. Unless I am missing something.

I did wonder what would happen if you show the phone an photo of the phone’s owner, would that unlock it?

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That does raise some questions. How secure is this feature. I mean it’s something that has never been tried before. But I don’t think they took enough time to master it because this kind of technology should of taken more than a couple of years to at least perfect.

Fluff posters. :rolleyes:
I know it’s a quite vague question, but that should not be an excuse for vague (off-topic) answers.
Just naming a phone you like without any further explanation as to why is not helpful and quite pointless. Particularly when that phone is not one of those specifically asked about in the topic.

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No Doubt, iPhone X.
iPhone X because of its uniqueness like non-comparable Display and King in class Camera features.
iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus is just like upgrading your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus into a wireless charging device with some fancy upgrades. Better Buy an iPhone7 or iPhone 7plus than buying iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus.

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The iPhone 8 is a bit too small for my big hands, and I need a bigger screen. The final winner’s choice between these two may come down to the wire before the pre-rollers kick in early on Friday morning. The iphone X display from Evon is beautiful, but the Home button and the touch knob are still crucial to me – at least until I deal with X directly and can judge facial gestures and recognize myself.

Iphone 10 is better

The OP has never been back to show any interest in the answers given, and this topic seems to go nowhere (a list of “I like x” without any explanation why isn’t useful to anyone),

so I’m closing it.

Thanks to all that gave useful answers.