iPhone users

Am I the only iPhone user on pre-paid credit with no data plan?

Yes, over wireless.
I have wireless at home and at work so I’m only not able to access the web while traveling - which is fine and dandy.

Need some time to unplug.

And I’m cheap :wink:

I’m not an iPhone user but I’d assume you’re one of the few. It’s all about data these days. The only people who tend not to have data plans probably use crappier phones.

Why not data? haha

This is probably a stupid question but, are you still allowed to access the app store without a data plan? I ask this because I know Apple loves money and maybe you do have data capabilities, just aren’t allowed?

Actually, I wish I was an iPhone user without a data plan. I pay 50 Euro per month for it and the only thing I use is Skype and the internet, both on WiFi, both of which I could do without paying that bloody price. I make like 5 phone calls a month with it. :shifty:

I just wasn’t sure about the whole Jailbreak thing then. Had I been more confident in that, I’d probably have not bought it via Telekom (the only service offering it here, like AT&T in the US).

I have not used this yet because i believe that majority is authority, and majority is not using this. That is the reason i am still away.

Wow. I can’t imagine that. Sure, I use wifi at home and work, but it’s times like when I’m waiting in the doctor’s surgery and I am able to make good use of the time but replying to email etc.

Same here. While most of my use is probably at home, I manage the smaller of the two data plans here in the states (200MB) with no problem. Of course you can get free wifi here just about anywhere on the road, but I thought a data plan was required…or is that just with the wonderful AT&T service here? :rolleyes: