iPhone Simulator not working on Mac OSX Lion

This simulator is a great way to test websites on iPhone and iPad if you don’t have those devices. Sadly, after upgrading to Lion, it not longer seems to work. I even downloaded and installed the latest version of the Dev Tools, but no luck. Each time I try to open the Simulator, it opens the Finder and asks what application to launch:

Please choose application to run inside iOS Simulator

I can’t find any discussions about this online. Has anyone been able to test websites in the simulator since upgrading to Lion? If so, what’s your secret? :slight_smile:

Did you also download the latest version of the iOS SDK?

I have NOT [yet] upgraded to Lion, so can’t offer more than an experienced guess.

Please update us on the solution when you find it!

Yeah, I’ve downloaded the latest version of the SKD, and the Simulator doesn’t work any more (at least for browsing the web). I’ve searched all over the web and found no discussions on this. :frowning:

You now have to download the SKD from the App Store (the worst store ever, IMHO). Once downloaded, the store tells you it’s “Installed”. But it isn’t. You’ve got to search “Install Xcode” in Spotlight and open the installer, and it then goes through the install process. But when you try to open the Simulator, it opens the Finder and asks you what application you want to run. There seems to be no way just to open the simulator like before and open Safari etc. Very disappointing.

TBH, there are so many awful features in Lion, I wish I hadn’t upgraded. Lots of things are worse, in my view. For example, when you log out, there is a checked check box, indicating that when you start up again, all of the programs you had open will open up again. If you don’t want that to happen, you have to uncheck it. It’s an extra shutdown step, and you can’t disable it in Preferences. It’s very annoying. If I shut down quickly and forget to uncheck the box, when I start the computer again a whole bunch of apps fire up (like Ps etc.) even if I don’t want them. (I’m not sure if it does this only if those apps were open when you shut down. I normally close all apps first, but they still seem to open up again if I didn’t uncheck the box, though I’m not totally sure that’s right.)

But I am using the same simulator and it is working perfectly and I didn’t feel any problems yet with it. have you checked your iphone/ipad if they have any problem.

You can also download and install the latest version iOS SDK, and after this if the problem still remains there then the only thing you can do to submit a ticket for this issue.

As imakerzapps said . i also use such kind of simulator and i have no any problems.

Thanks guys. Are you both using Lion?

For anyone who finds this thread and has the same question, I eventually found a solution by deleting both versions of the Developer tools and starting again. I suspect there was some kind of conflict going on. I found this page on uninstalling the dev tools via Terminal very handy and straightforward: