IPhone . IPad

Hey guys,

I have a quick question for the pros, would you need seperate stylesheets and markup for an IPad and IPhone? I only say that because of the shear size of the display.

iPad, no. iPhone and other mobile phones, sometimes, depending on how well your site is condenses on a small display.

Yeah, I’m a virgin when it comes to Mobile Development, and I don’t plan on using it for the near-term, but always wondered that question. Thanks for your response.

To continue, does anybody develop websites on their iPad? I read an article this week saying Photoshop CS6 will support touch in the graphics program. Curious of the developent tools on the iPad.

It’s not really a computer in the normal sense. The file structure is different, for a start, so you can’t upload files in the normal way, for example.

As for styling for these devices, you can throw @mdeia queries at them if you want to apply different CSS on each.

It really depends on the app. I suggest you look up responsive web design to see how you can scale your designs: