iPhone - Image Loading Problems

Hi All,

I have built a site and am having an issue with the logo not displaying on iPhone.

The website is www.caprica.co.uk.

The main logo at the top centre, and the entire header has a background image, but neither display on the iPhone.

Does anyone know why?

Many thanks

Hm, your code looks like ti should be OK, and the background and logo show up on the iPhone simulator. But I’ll have to let someone with a real phone check it for you.

Thanks Ralph.

It seems that the background and logo show up when connected to Wi-Fi, but when Wi-Fi is off and the page is loaded via 3G or Edge, the background header and logo don’t show.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can try?

Thank you :slight_smile:

All I can suggest is reducing the file size and see if that helps. Using png8 with a matte brder, you can get it from 27kb down to 5kb. You could server up a different version for small screens via @media rules.

Have changed to png8 on the test site: http://caprica.pelli.co.uk, it’s now 5kb and still won’t load. The background for the header is a small file too that repeats. Totally clueless as to what to try >.<