Iphone iframe browser crash issue, anyone?

Hi everyone,

I have been slowly working through my first responsive website, my portfolio site, it has been a journey!
I am fairly new to design in that I have only been in design job only a year, so I am still learning loads so dont hate on my site, its still a work in progress!

Anyway, I am having this iframe browser issue, in that my main page has an iframe on it, and the iphone hates it. My HTC is fine with it. I can only image that I will get the same result on in ipad?
Is there an alternative way to display, the home page slider in an iframe or similar. I want to work on my slider the way it is, just easier for me to manage that way, that being its in its own folder from which i am calling it in an iframe.

I did grab a bit of code from codecanyon that said it was an iframe alternative, doing some ajax magic but it really only displayed the images from teh slider and did not do much more. Any help would be apprecieted.

By the way, the site in question is www.sitedesignadvisor.com

Many thanks for your help.

Meh, iframes are garbage, really. I recommend you switch to using something like jQuery Cycle for a simple effect like that.

that might be just what I need, i will check it out

After discovering that, I shall not use iframes again, that is a beautiful piece of code Ralph, something I shall keep in my library, Iphone behaving now :slight_smile:

Glad that was helpful. I’m quite fond of Cycle. :slight_smile: