iPad testing needed please - should only take 2 minutes

Would someone out there with an iPad please check out http://www.littlekicker.com? This is a client’s site (which we didn’t design, BTW), and he reports that the “flipbook” on the home page (under the “Look Inside The Book” heading) is not working on a friend’s iPad. We’ve tested it with an iPhone and have found no problem; the flipbook is Flash, but it has an HTML5/CSS3 fallback for iOS. If there is any problem loading it, could you post a screenshot? Thanks in advance!

It loaded fine and works well on my iPad 2.

That’s what I figured. I’m guessing maybe the site that hosts the flipbook, flipsnack.com, was just down or loading slowly that day. Thanks a lot, kohoutek!

I knew that you think it is sorted now. Nice one by the way.
It just loads quite slowly so better ask your client about his host.

Looks just like the iPad 2 on my new iPad (3rd generation). I am running the latest firmware update as well.