iPad Air Display Issue

I’m reviewing a site using Browserstack iPads and the website looks odd on the very top where text should be vertically centered with a background image (look on your desktop to see how it should look). I would like for someone to verify if what I’m seeing is a bug with Browserstack or not.

iPad Air:

iPad Air 2:

iPad 4:

iPad Mini:

On my ASUS tablet (Android), the site looks great (Windows 10/Chrome)!

I appreciate the second pair of eyes, Sitepoint.

I only have an old ipad and it seems ok on that.

I tested on the mac simulator which is almost always accurate and the ipad air and air2 were fine.

It looks like your first image was taken before the images could load.

I did wait awhile, which made me wonder if the Browserstack simulator just stopped/froze/or couldn’t load any further.

Thank you for the reply, PaulOB.

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