IP tracking

Hi, How reliable is the IP tracked location of the user? Is it safe to say that in the vast majority of cases that it corresponds to their actual location or is it quite common for users to somehow obscure, alter or use proxys or something (I just wish the IP for the nation and city). Thanks for any help.

I would say the majority of the time it will give you a general idea of the location. Not uncommon for users to use proxies but in my experience it’s rare.

Very general. Countries are usually correct, but states and cities can be off by quite a lot. Sometimes this is due to IP lease changes, sometimes where the ISP is located, or who the ISP is leasing the IP address from. Or, just simple error.

For example, I was working with geoIP a few weeks ago, and I looked up my IP address here:

It put my IP address in Reston, VA. I’m several hundred miles north of there…

In my previous employers, we use used a lot of IP tracking when it came to verifying order information, and from my experience, it is usually 85% accurate. I did show a lot of oddities at times, but the majority of our checks, it was pretty accurate.

Modern billing solutions contain this kind of tools and I suppose you can use them and you can trust them as well.


It really depends on who you use for your GeoIP data and what level of product you purchase, if you use the free products then it’s only going to be very general.


If you want to verify is that was legit sign up or not - call your customer. They should provide that. Phone codes will tell you about your prospective customer location for sure.
Phone verification is the best option here I think.

Only if you discount VoIP from the equation :wink: I can get a phone number in pretty much any city/area in the world, all to my desk here :slight_smile: