Ip Address and Domain Name

What relationship is there between an IP address and a domain name? Can an Ip address be used (interchangeably) in place of a domain name?

Can an Ip address be used (interchangeably) in place of a domain name?

Only if we’re not talking about shared hosting, where the same IP hosts multiple sites. If the site has a dedicated IP, then the IP can be used to visit it.

Depending on the control panel and security settings on the server, you might still be able to visit each site via the IP, by using an URL of this form:


Obviously, this can only be used if you know the account username.

You can read a bit more about it at:

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Each domain name will be hosted with an IP address.IP is given to the domain by the hosting provider.To know the domain name for an IP or interchangebaly IP for domain make use of the website whoisxy.com And it is not a problem you can use the IP address in the place of domain name.

Yes but there might be anything up to 1000+ different domains sharing one IP address. Where an IP address is shared by more than one domain you can’t access the domain directly from the IP address.

Ip address is web hosting related stuff abd your web site can be hosted as on shared IP as on the dedicated IP. And those IPs might change time to time.
Domain name wil;l never change and will remain the same for you all time (just do not forget renew that once needed)

search engine looks for ip address in terms of where your site hosted and include site in local search engine like google.com and google.co.uk and look at how many site hosted on that ip address

only with IPv6 - they know that there are likely to be lots of sites sharing the same IPv4 address as there are several times as many sites as there are IP addresses in IPv4 and lots of IPv4 addresses are used by visitors so that the number available for sites is really small.

I have appreciated the kind of information that you have all given.

Big difference - they index be ses - the ip is important - but whats far more important is the site, domain, content and navigation ----- my expert advice is a given