IOS Enterprise Developement explanation needed

Hi all,

Im seeking some clarification…

IOS developer program = personal dev account, you develop app, submit to apple and then distribute through public app store. I get that.
Can someone just clarify the IOS Enterprise program to me.

My company is looking to develop apps for clients, but those clients dont want app to be available through public app store as may contain sensitive data. So by my company applying for IOS Enterprise license, can we distribute app to client’s users through a “enterprise app store” or alternatives?

Please can someone help me here.

What you should do is get each of your clients to get the iOS program for enterprise and then deploy to their individual stores – you really should not hold client’s apps in your account.

Thanks wwb_99 for the reply and in an ideal scenerio that would be the case… I agree, its makes sense.

So will we be able to develop a app, and then the client’s users can get it installed from URL or closed store?
take this aside from the ethics of who’s account its held in.

Yes. The enterprise will provide you with a provisioning profile to distribute the app via their infrastructure. No need to go through an app store or anything.