Io.js is merging back with Node.js![masked

Which leads to -

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I saw this last night on Hacker News and was going to post it, but you beat me to it (actually, I thought @mawburn would have!) This is looks to be great news for both communities.

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I was actually out yesterday and this is actually the first place I saw it this morning. It’s very cool! It’s definitely exciting.

So… do I understand it right though? Is Joyent taking a backseat and helping create a new “Node Foundation” modeled after IO.js’s governance instead?

So what does it mean for Node based software like Ghost? Never used IO.js so I don’t know what adds to the mix. It doesn’t look like it is going to be immediate though. They have the documentation ready but still lot of work to do

Well, I’ve not really been following it closely, but my understanding is that the creation of IO.js pushed Joyent to hand over stewardship of Node to a foundation (which apparently PayPal and Microsoft are part of). Now that Joyent have relinquished control, many of the issues that lead to the fork (such as the slow pace of Node releases) are now moot and the IO.js developers feel it makes sense to (re)combine their efforts.

I think the main advantage is that IO.js is quicker to incorporate updates to the V8 JavaScript engine, appealing to developers who need/want to use ES6 features.

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Essentially, nothing. But it will help the reach of Node.js grow even more than it has been in the last couple years by allowing it to stay up to date. The Node.js community right now is pretty much the pinnacle of cutting edge and trendy, except that Node.js itself was actually not exactly up-to-date.

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