Invoicing European clients - Should I bill in Euros or Pounds?

I’m based in the UK, and am wondering what is best for me when I’m invoicing clients in Europe, should I just invoice them in pounds as normal? If so, should I state an exchange rate too?

Or should I convert my prices into Euros and invoice in Euros? If so, what rate should I use?

Payment shall be made by bank transfer from a EU bank to a UK bank account.

Many Thanks

The big question is what currency would you customers like to be billed in?

If you bill an EU customer in GBP they have to work out how many Euros to send you, and that’s extra hassle. To make it hassle free for your customers I’d say bill in Euros.

Thanks, that’s what I originally thought, however then I realised that if I converted the prices from Pounds to Euros, they would only end up be converted back to Pounds during the transaction. Seems a bit silly converting them twice.

I also remember, when I used to live in Belgium, when I went to do an international bank transfer online, it asked me which currency to use. So I could actually say make a transfer for £150 from a Euros bank account. Not sure if that is the norm though.

So perhaps, I shall convert it to Euros and add a bit extra to cover bank fees and extra conversion charges.

Hiccup! :smiley:

I live in the US and I bill in USD. It’s my currency of choice. I’ve worked for people in Malaysia, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Spain, India, and Thailand as well as those from the US. None of them have had a problem figuring out how to pay the bill.

I don’t think you can satisfy the desires of every client by trying to bill in the currency of their choice. Use what is most comfortable for you and makes your own bookkeeping the easiest.

I also think you might not want to “add a bit extra”, that extra bit may lose you some business that you otherwise might have snagged.

Bill in the currency stated in your agreement. If you qouted the client in pounds, use pounds. It advoids confusion and possible exchange rate questions.

I am from the UK and I choose to charge in US dollars, why? Because it’s internationally recognised and accepted and it gives me an equal footing for billing people worldwide (I really don’t want to have to mess with exchange rates on a time by time basis in specific currencies - as it can get pretty confusing), Just my two cents though It may pay to display a range of currencies so that the user can verify against their own money type. :slight_smile:

Example: Product Name - $0.00 USD (£0.00 GBP / 0.00 Euro - Approx)