Invoice numbers and structure

Hi guys

I was just wondering something about invoicing and I am not sure how it usually is handled in business.

Ok, so say I quote my client a large amount. And ss discussed with client, this will be paid in terms / milestones. So 25% deposit and a further 25% once each milestone is reached and the project has been completed. So, my question is how do you structure the invoices?

  1. Do I send invoice for full amount, they pay 25% as agreed upon and I enter the payment on my invoicing system. And then when the next 25% is due, send the same invoice again with the the 25% reflected as paid?

  2. Or do I generate a new invoice for every 25%?

I use for invoicing. So it is easier for me to keep track of what is going on if I just enter payments, on 1 invoice, but kind of makes more sense to make it separate invoices. I just do not want to forget an invoice or payment if there are a few long running projects. The main reason I ask, is because I send the client the quote on freshbooks for the full amount, the accept the quote, then I can convert that to and invoice. So that makes it pretty easy.

But I guess I must just do the extra admin and just invoice separately. To make the most sense to all involved as well as handling when payments come in around financial year end.

So just want some other peoples thoughts around this. As I am not very business orientated.


I’d say that’s the most sensible solution — invoices with partial payment required are an administrative nightmare :wink:

When I work with contractors, I ask for separate invoices for each milestone payment. Set yourself a reminder if you need to — I really like FollowUpThen for this sort of thing.

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Thanks for feedback. I think you are right. I will go this route

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