Inviting contacts to opt in

I have a bunch of subscribers to software that I wrote, and they haven’t opted in for an email newsletter.

Is there a legitimate way to invite them to opt in?


Do you have a professional looking website to go along with your software?

If so, do the people buying your software know this?

Nobody will subscribe to a newsletter/website/content they have never seen!



Yes, I put some feelers out to see what people’s interest was. There was lots of interest, and I wasn’t prepared for it. Now I’m trying to back track and convert contacts to usable names.

There was a lot of interest in what?

Your software?

Your website?

Your newsletter?

I don’t understand what this has to do with your OP.

What exactly are you trying to do?

It sounds like people have bought your software, right? And now you want them to subscribe to a newsletter to possibly buy more software?

What is the “backtracking” and “convert contacts to usable names” supposed to mean?



I can understand that. In my country, the anti-spam laws state that a person must explicitly sign up for something like a newsletter before you can add him/her to your newsletter contact list. Otherwise you face a stiff fine for contravention of the anti-spam law. Showing interest in the software or providing your email address in a contact form is not enough.

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Basically, I should have put an opt in box when they subscribed and didn’t.

Yes, I’m afraid it’s a “shoulda”.
You should still have a type of “subscribe to newsletter” CTA on your site. And one in the downloading process.

But sending an email to past downloaders could be trouble.


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