Invision Power Board Skins

Can anyone suggest any good sources of Invision Power Board Skins?

I want something bright, clear, welcoming yet professional.



No Problemo.:smiley:

for Invision Skins, Pips, Avatars, etc.

Thanks asp_funda, great site.


I thought every IPB user knew of IBPlanet :stuck_out_tongue: (created current Invision theme) (I think s/he is a member here)

I’ll also be looking for this myself when 2.0 comes out (don’t upgrade your skin till 2.0, proudirish–the new skinning system is completely different).

New IPB users don’t know about it.:wink: Also, there are a lot of old users who don’t know about it, some of them make their own custom skins, avatars etc, so they don’t to know about IBPlanet & some just modify the default skin a little & use it, so they needn’t know about IBPlanet either.:smiley:

Matt (1lotus) is pretty good. I don’t care much for the new Invision Power Board skin or the new Invision Power Services website design, but those decisions were made by Matt Mecham (developer of IPB) and Charles (the hosting guy) and not by 1lotus. 1lotus is pretty good at what he does and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for paid work :slight_smile:

As for IBUnique, the owner of that site is named Kim, I don’t know if she’s a member here but she’s pretty good as well. I’d hesitate to say that she’s better than 1lotus, but she is very good, none-the-less. I’m not too much of a fan of the web site but I do know who Kim is, sort of :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought the forum quite recently so am not that familiar with all the IPB resources available.

Thanks for the other links and suggestions folks.


Lets hope that in the almost 7 years, the OP has found an answer!