Invisible text frowned upon by Google? Even get you banned?

I would like to use a few sentences of invisible text at the bottom of my page. This text would be the same color as the background, so it would be invisible.

I heard Google may ban you if you do this with keywords, but I would be using the same text content that’s embedded in my flash content. I would like to do this because Google doesn’t read my flash text.

Anyone know if Google looks at this as no-no? Will they ban me?

Thanks in advance for anyone’s help.

Hi Trent, there are ways to present the text used in flash without resorting to ‘suspicious’ ways.
Have a read of this thread on webmasterworld as it should help address your scenario.

Also, there’s an Adobe page titled Providing alternative content for SWF files that may be useful. It has a section on creating SEO friendly content.