Invented new word (basing = psd to html), how to market?


Some years ago i invented a new word “Basing”. Well I did not really invent the word, i just bought it years ago and i gave it a new meaning.

Basing means: Basing is the process of creating the fundations (or the … basing) for a website. In HTML basing we create the HTML file and style it using CSS 2 & 3.

I started this psd to html service in Holland and now many people are using the term ‘basing’ instead of slicing or another words. Some are even starting websites containing the term ‘basing’ offering the same services as my sites and

It would be great if the term ‘basing’ got to be used internationally. How would one do this?

Thx for your answer,

Kevin Vanhove

Hi Kevin,

I was a little confused when you said you “bought” the word “basing”. Did you mean that you bought the domain?

I think what you really wanted to say ask how do you BRAND your service/company now that you have a solid business model behind it.

I would encourage taking on a couple of small clients and doing pro-bono work. Build up a strong portfolio and successful case studies. Then take on a larger client who is willing to brand your work.

Also, you have some spelling mistakes on