Invalid directory error - php does not install

I ordered a web server for the gaming community unit I play in (Day of Defeat Source). In the control panel is a software service Fantastico. I have the website built but need the php for forums and such.

I select php Website from the left panel and select a new install. The next screen shows the domain name I am using ( and is the only selection. I supply a folder name (forums) and supply the admin password (twice) and click install.

The next scren indicates I have an invalid directory. If I want to install in the root, it tells me to delete the public_html folder (not sure about doing it). When I try and specify that folder (public_html) and a sub folder inside that (/forums) I get the same message (Invalid directory)

I am not sure about deleting the public_html even though the www directory is the same.

I have tried /forums, htt://, //home/thipirnet/forums but no luck. I did go back and delete the forums folder I had creaated before attempting several installs but getting the same results. As far as I know it is apache and MySQL is already installed. I even created a test database.

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated as this is the last piece to install and I can move on.


Have you tried just… ‘forums’ ?

I recommend installing the forums yourself and avoiding those automated installers. They may have old versions, and it’s easier to upgrade in the future if you know what you did to install a piece of software.

I will try just “forums” (without the quotes).

I ahve never installed php before so I am afraid (to be honest) as I read the tutorial and it seems complicated as far as changing config files and such. Plus this is going on the web server (remote) so I am not sure if that changes anything.

Thanks for the ideas and help. I apreciate it.

You arnt installing PHP. You’re installing some forum software. The web server is already running PHP. (Or they’d better be, because you’re installing PHP-based software)

got the install to go thru using “forums” (without quotes). Now getting a 404 Error (guess I need to modify php config file

thanks for clarifying StartLion - thought it was php itself.

Appreciate it

error message:

404 Not Found
The server can not find the requested page: (port 80)

same message with link:

FTP to the site (You can FTP, right? Not some silly web-based FTP either), and see if there’s a forums/ directory in there.

If there isnt, something has gone horribly wrong, and your hosting provider is probably wondering why someone has managed to install a forums directory into the DocumentRoot.

If there is, enter the directory and see if there’s an index.php (or .html, or .asp, or .anythingreally) sitting in there. If there is, you’ve got an associativity problem, which most likely your hosting provider has to take care of.

If you see something called just plain php (or php5, or php5-mhm-somethingorother)… then you’ve just managed to install PHP binaries into a webspace, and your hosting provider should be drummed out of business summarily.

I use Filezilla to manage the site and it connects fine.

There is a forums directory under /public_html/forums and there are directories there. I did see a index.php in the admin folder /forums/admin.

There are 11 folders and 4 directories: admin, logs, inc and docs.

The only place I could find the index.php is in the admin directory. If that’s the case the link to forums itself would not work, correct?

correction - there is a index.php at the root of forums (my bad)

If you still get 404’d when you go to the forums directory by a web browser (but CAN view pages placed in public_html… you have tried to upload something just to make sure it works?), then PHP has not been configured (or installed).

Is this a VPS?

sorry for the dumb question but what is VPS? am reviewing the tutorial to see what I may need to change.


As far as I know it is a physical server

thanks for the help guys but I give up - I am a databse person - not a developer or programmer and I have a lot to learn as far as programming or scripting outside of SQL server. I do appreciate the info you have provided and will tell the unit the site won’t be up for a while. At least I have 3 pages done (html I can do) - this php stuff is beyond my level right now

Have a good day guys