Intval not numbers?

My code uses:

$test = intval($mybb->input['id']);

and when it contains numbers it works!

However my input contains letters, numbers and they are separated by a dash symbol: this-is-a-test

What are the alternatives of intval


It depends. What exactly are you wanting to do with the id value other than simply assigning it to the $test variable?

More to the point, what exactly are you trying to -extract- from the ID?

Intval works perfectly well. If you tell it to intval(“im-a-daisy”), you’ll get the integer value of that string; that being 0.

I am sorry guys for making you guess.

I wanna do some like this:

$test = intval($mybb->input['id']);
if (!validator($test))

now here is the function:

function validator($test)
    global $db;
    $query = $db->simple_select("threads", "*", "id LIKE '%".$db->escape_string_like($test)."%'");
    $thread = $db->fetch_array($query);
    if ($thread['id'])
        return TRUE;
        return FALSE;

The problem is that ID will not always be numeric in fact most of the time it will look like this: this-is-test

so it sounds to me you’re more attempting to do:

if(is_numeric($mybb->input['id']) && !validator($mybb->input['id'])) { error; }

(Note that is_numeric will find -ALL FORMS- of numeric strings, not just integers.)

thanks so much that works great!

I’m wondering if the Ids are to never be floats (i.e. have a “.”) that maybe
ctype_digit might be better?

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