Introduction to Computer Science I - Harvard OpenCourseWare

If you liked Building Dynamic Websites - Harvard OpenCourseWare, then you may also like Introduction to Computer Science I - Harvard OpenCourseWare. It’s good and interesting because it’s the same teacher. But it’s truly a “Getting Started” course. The first few topics covered are binary, ASCII, and “what is an algorithm”.

If nothing else, you should see the Ferris Bueller homage at the beginning of the first video. :slight_smile:


I’ll do. It is really cool that you can access freely to this kind of courses. Love it! :smiley:

It is a bit basic for me (amazing that I say that) but it is cool to watch another teacher giving a class… you can always learn a tipo or two :slight_smile:

Yeah, I enjoyed that opening homage. I’ve subscribed to the channel so I hopefully remember to go back and watch the others :smile:

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