Introduction to chrome dev tools

i am interested in learning chrome dev tools…

where should i start?

maybe a few common examples?

i know little JavaScript, so lets not start there :slight_smile:


How about right here.


It is difficult not to discuss JavaScript considering one of the most useful features of the debugger is using breakpoints to step through JavaScript in real time as the app runs. Those who master this will be more effective and efficient at identifying root causes and resolving solutions to fix issues. As a front end dev I use breakpoints on an hourly basis. My job would be much more frustrating without them.

Another useful feature though is quickly testing out style changes. You can add styles inline and directly to existing selectors. This can be very useful for quickly testing design changes without needing to constantly reload the page or rebuild the project. I’ve seen several designers work that way who aren’t down with constantly needing to rebuild projects.


that looks great!

a lot to take in :slight_smile:

a bit overwhelming

1 step at a time, right?

best read from top to bottom?

in other words, are there certain concepts i should learn first?


do i owe you a $0.25 now?

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