Internet speed

my internet speed is 512 kbps and it is not ossum but good but tell me what speed is going to be good for watching video from youtube,meatcafe etc.

15-20 mgbs is really good for streaming video

I’m just having 1mbps and I’m contented with it. :slight_smile:

1 mpbs is good

when i check my speed using it comes to around 5Mbps

1Mb is the best one for watching youtube videos.

one of best ways to speed your internet and hard disks is to use some advanced program. The temps files and registry keys take valuable space and cause hard disk and internet slowdowns.

    mil shield optimizes all these stuff and you will watch video files without problems.

ccleaner is also good but it has not so many options as mil shield.

For watching videos online, 1mb for standard quality, 2mb for high definition, pretty much as simple as that. :slight_smile:

1 mbps for youtube videos is best but metcafe videos are too slow in buffering

2mb Is more than enough for high definition,
for normal flv video from video sites like you tube 512 to 1mbps is good

it true…

if your net is so slow then at first enter the play button then pause it after streaming full video play the video :smiley: