Internet search engine suggestions/feedback

Hello all fellow forum users,

I am working on developing a new search engine in which will give users a better and more versatile experience. I was hoping I could get any suggestions on things you, the user, would like to see in a search engine or things that you don’t like in the existing search engines. These suggestions will be considered implementing into the search engine which you may in fact use one day and may have the tool or feature you suggested.

Thank you for any and all feedback.

We take it you have the 50million dollars or so to spend on getting a basic search service up and running? Seriously the only contribution you could make that would be better than the existing would be 100% human indexing.

i don’t want to see any article directories, link farms, FFA sites, MFA sites, parked domains, social bookmarking, domain typo sites, repurposed pages, scraped content, spam, make money sites, garbage sites, or any other crap

i want the search engine to return simple, clean, straightforward, honest information

think you can do that?