Internet marketing-how to choose a right supplier?

In generall, Seo is regardes as an important part of internet marketing, but it seems that many enterprises in China haven’t had a good understanding of it.
The company i currently work in has been tricked by some marketing suppliers, and leaders in the company now lose their confidence in internet marketing.Therefore, work is not very smooth for me since most of people are indifferent with it.
Many supplies called and visited us, and most of them are not honest and asked a quite unreasonable price for a keyword, which is at least 3 times high than that of quotations from other suppliers. fortunately, I had found out.
I am now very disappointed with these suppliers, and they just thought that Lonking is a gold mine that everyone can dig, but i will not let the history repeat itself again!

You should check testimonials of previous clients of new suppliers and previous works.
Compare both the suppliers and then take your decision.

Agree, And i believe having a recommendation from a friend, would be also a great choice because you already know what you are going through. Just take time to know a good friend to ask to.

Past work and performance is best parameter.